FaithWalk Church, formerly New Mt. Corinth church, is a bible based church located on the Northeast side of Houston, Texas. Led by Pastor Chris A. Jackson, FWC is a church built on the foundation and principles of Jesus Christ.


Our purpose is to share the message of the gospel to bring others into the knowledge of Jesus Christ and saving faith in him. We seek to teach them into spiritual maturity, equip them for ministry works for the advancement of the body of Christ.


Our goal is to become mature disciples of Christ, by living holy daily and being ministry minded. We seek to Prosper spiritually, physically, and economically. We are developing strong families and individuals by the application of faith principles through the teaching of the word of God. We are also expanding God’s kingdom through evangelism, edifying the church through ministry, and building unity through fellowship in order to glorify God’s name.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez