FaithWalk “Getting The Right Start” are six two-hour Pre-Marriage Counseling Classes that are designed to strengthen the couple and therefore provide much need information to strengthening the marriage relationship.




Session #1 - The Biblical Purpose of Marriage and The Marriage Partner Roles


Session #2 – Establishing Communication Patterns and Developing Good Communication Skills


Session #3 – Handling and Managing Marital Conflicts


Session #4 – Theoretical Perspective of Marriage


Session #5 – Handling Finances


Session #6 – Before I Say I Do and After


These Sessions are at times adjusted depending on the need of the couple.  Some subjects may not be covered in lure of a subject that maybe of greater benefit to the couple.

FaithWalk Church is a registered "Twogether in Texas" provider. Upon completion of the classes, the couple will receive a certificate to present to the County Clerk to receive a discount when purchasing their marriage license. Learn more about Together in Texas here